Saturday, June 13, 2009

Golf Lesson

Another golf lesson with Peter. The sport is opening up to me and I’m struck by the value of taking private lessons and by the skill of this teacher. Like before I find myself very comfortable with him, and again the words that come to mind are, “there is no boy-girl in his demeanor.” He’s an attractive guy—and as a golf pro he’s very fit and very physical—but the guy-ness stays very contained—and that allows or encourages my girl-ness to stay contained as well. This is a new and really nice experience. We are two physically fit, body conscious people doing something very physical and talking about body and movement but it is contained. I credit him with this gift as a teacher.

Today the focus was on hands... “Lots of hands” is the new mantra. We talked about big swing and where are my hands on the back swing and where are they on the follow thru—stop still at the end –like playing statue as a kid—and “where are your hands now?”

Another paradox perhaps? Swing for the moon—more awareness but less control.

That’s a lot like sex isn’t it?

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