Thursday, June 18, 2009


Men may laugh but this is a serious issue for women golfers. Which shoes? How many pairs? I have not bought my golf shoes yet because of this. Do I buy classic saddles in brown and white? That’s great when I’m wearing khaki shorts or the all white outfit. But what happens when I want to wear black. Black in my golf wardrobe makes sense as black is the center of my regular wardrobe. So black shoes too? Or instead?

But think about that touristy big-sneaker look. So unfashionable. So “ugly American” in Paris. And the issue of a longer line and a leaner, lithe leg. You don’t get that from big black shoes or even saddle shoes—so do I go with a nude or saddle toned shoe to get the maximum length to my legs? I need that in shorts or a small skirt. I’m petite and I am always working the vertical lines and longer look. How to do that in golf shoes?

Any suggestions? How many pair of golf shoes do you own?

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