Saturday, July 11, 2009

Front and Back

Today another golf lesson with Peter the Pro. We focused on pitching and putting. He began with showing me how to keep the weight on my left foot—he referred to this as my front foot—what? Finally I got it: front is closer to the hole and “back” is away from the hole. Ok. Right there may be the biggest part of the lesson: even really good teachers think you know what they are talking about. It’s true in any field or any specialty. Language becomes commonplace and others are left out because of language and jargon. But—my big lesson: Ask! “Wait”, I said, “I’m not clear on this front and back foot thing.” He stopped and explained. Done. Now anything I read about golf makes more sense, I can picture the front foot and the back foot. You already knew that? Great. Beginner’s Mind in Buddhism is going to serve me in golf.

There is a lesson for romance here too. Do I know what he means when he says “Spend time together”. Does he know what I mean when I say “romance”?
My lesson: Ask!

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