Thursday, August 27, 2009

Solo Golf Day

Yesterday was a first. I played nine holes alone at 7am and finished my nine in 65 minutes. My goal is to play nine in one hour. Going early in the morning makes this work. No waiting and –important for me—no one is watching.

I’m still so new that I don’t want to have watchers and commentators. I don’t want advice except from my teacher.

I played my nine as fast as I could. My self-made rules were 1. Keep moving 2. No picking up 3. Ball goes into the cup each time.

It worked. A beautiful summer morning, damp and those splashes as the ball rolls or hops. My feet were soaked. Still have not bought proper shoes yet. (What color???) But I loved it. I was with golf and green and God and myself and made it to work by 9:30.

Not bad for a start to a summer day.

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