Saturday, September 5, 2009

Futures Tour in Albany

I went to Capital Hills in Albany today to watch the Duramed Futures Tour. It was a blast watching great women golfers in person. Yes! to seeing feminine power and Yes! to their great posture and amazing shoulders and Yes! Yes! to an amazing array of shoes and skorts and shorts and women’s golf attire.

I’ve concluded that skirts are way sexier than shorts and sleeveless rocks every time. These women have fabulous arms and shoulders. Michele Obama would weep for the arms on these gals.

Bottom-line: I want to swing with the kind of power I saw today but I also want the taupe shoes (that long line of leg to shoe) and a slim golf skirt (not the A-line that makes you look like a lampshade).

Ok, so it’s not supposed to be about the clothes. Who are you kidding? Just ask Golf Girl ( who makes golf look like a unique kind of outdoor sex.

For me, if it takes shoes and skirts to get me feeling groovy on the backswing, then bring it!

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