Monday, September 7, 2009

Watching Women's Golf

We went back again for another day of women’s golf. I surprised myself by how much I enjoyed watching three women hole after hole. We followed Choi and Haregan and Noh for nine holes then had lunch at the turn and went back wards watching more groups until we caught Choi and company again and then stayed with them until the end.

I found myself creating stories for them, creating relationships and feelings and ideas about who they are. Was the caddy a Dad, brother, coach, mother? Were they happy, sad, angry? What were the personal stakes outside the money and LPGA card? I realized I do write fiction al the time and these three young women gave me characters to build on.

But for my own golf they gave me repeated pictures of perfect swings and perfect poise when their swing was not perfect. Who knew I would fall in love this year and who knew I’d fall in love with golf too.

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