Monday, November 30, 2009

The Glove

I felt returned to golf this weekend and it felt good. I haven’t played since September and wondered if my pleasure in this first season was real. Then Friday after a great Thanksgiving we drove to Siena College in Albany for the annual golf sale. I had been told last spring to watch for this special sale in which all the regional golf courses empty out their pro shops and offer every bit of equipment and attire for great bargain prices. And that was the case. I had hoped for shoes—still waiting to find my first pair so I can give up the sneakers. But even though I found some great looking women’s golf shoes from Foot Joy and Nike and others for less than $60 I did not see a pair that I loved. So I’m still waiting on shoes. I want to love them.

But I did make one purchase that pleased me: a glove. I bought a black glove for my left hand. It has a soft leather palm with a sheer mesh back. When I slid my hand into that glove it felt like Cinderella’s slipper must have felt. I loved it. My new glove is in my bag waiting for me and spring.

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