Thursday, January 21, 2010

Does Size Matter?

It’s cold and windy and January. There is no golf in upstate New York now. Friends—with more resources or retired parents are making trips to Florida and South Carolina and Georgia, and they are playing winter golf. But I am here, cranking up the heat, wearing sox to bed and reading the annual equipment issue of Golf Magazine.

Petite clubs? I’m 5’2” and my clubs are women’s clubs but now I read that I may be in the height range for petite clubs. Is this really necessary? Will I play better or look silly? Petite clubs in a pink bag may look too much like I borrowed my niece’s princess kit. Add a tiara and floaty skirt over my skort?

Years ago I figured out that I do better in petite sized clothes—and by the way—where are petite sized women’s golf wear? I’d like to buy a skort that doesn’t come to the knee. But teeny little clubs? I know size isn’t supposed to matter but they could hardly satisfy a new woman golfer.