Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Olympic Issues

Women in the Olympics have relationship issues too. Here’s one story:

Marta was an ice-skater who fell in love with Bob, a speed skater. But he came too quickly and their relationship ended fast. Next she dated Bill who was a snow boarder but he always came home drunk, refused to dress up, and took risks driving. Next she started seeing Jason who was the ski mogul champ but the relationship was bumpy from the very start. Nothing with him was easy, nothing was ever smooth.

Then Marta met Tubor who was the luge champion. She really liked him but she couldn’t tell if he liked her too. He preferred to be alone and he always seemed to be speeding away from her. She finally started hanging out with Jerry and John, the bobsled team. But they were always together and if she dated either one the other one was always pushing her or egging her on.

One night she went to an Olympic party alone and she watched the crowd. She saw Derk, who was also a skater, twirling around with other girls. She has always assumed he was gay because of the sparkles and the sequins. But here he was in jeans. He was playing and laughing. Even the snowboarders couldn’t upset him. Then she saw a man enter the party with a gun. Everyone looked nervous till they realized it was Jeff from the biathlon who sometimes liked to stop and take a shot—even if he was just shopping or walking down the street.

Marta began to wonder if she should date a summer Olympian—maybe a long distance runner would be the kind of man who could go the distance in a relationship. Or maybe a hurdler who would have the strength to get over the obstacles that show up in any relationship. Maybe a swimmer? No, she thought, the one she’d dated years before was all wet.

What she realized was the she needed to find a mate who had all these abilities: who was strong and flexible and fast and strategic. She wanted a man who knew that relationships are practice and who would push through disappointments and who could do what he needed to do no matter how he felt. A gold medal man; that was her goal.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Chopin's Heart

Today, February 13th is the birthday of the Polish composer Frederic Chopin. When he died in 1849 his body was buried in Paris. But his heart, at his special request, was placed in the wall of The Church of the Holy Cross in Warsaw.

Where would you like your heart to be when you die?

Where is it now?

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Tiger, Tiger Learning Right?

Tiger is in rehab. Sexual addition rehab. But Vanity Fair and the gossip rags make it sound like this is more PR. Is it an image rehab rather than addiction recovery? Is he doing to save his career? His image? His marriage?

Why do we care?

I think we—golf public and golf fans—need Tiger to recover more than he does. WE need him to do the thing that lets us recover our fan-dom. We golfers need him to seem sincere, do the time, make the big mea culpa—not for him or Elin or even for Nike but for us. So we can watch him again. How else are we going to be OK when the Masters starts? It will be too hard for US if he tries to come back without walking thru the social/cultural narrative of recovery/apology/return.

So it doesn’t matter if he saves his marriage or his addiction.

We need Tiger to save himself for us.
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