Sunday, February 7, 2010

Tiger, Tiger Learning Right?

Tiger is in rehab. Sexual addition rehab. But Vanity Fair and the gossip rags make it sound like this is more PR. Is it an image rehab rather than addiction recovery? Is he doing to save his career? His image? His marriage?

Why do we care?

I think we—golf public and golf fans—need Tiger to recover more than he does. WE need him to do the thing that lets us recover our fan-dom. We golfers need him to seem sincere, do the time, make the big mea culpa—not for him or Elin or even for Nike but for us. So we can watch him again. How else are we going to be OK when the Masters starts? It will be too hard for US if he tries to come back without walking thru the social/cultural narrative of recovery/apology/return.

So it doesn’t matter if he saves his marriage or his addiction.

We need Tiger to save himself for us.

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