Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Ball and the Ball

Yesterday a better golfer gave me some tips. This one helped me. He said “Hit the little ball off the big ball”. He meant hit the little golf ball off the big—earth--ball. Think of a little ball sitting on a great big ball and hit the little one. I’m not sure why but it really helped me to see something differently, so I pass that on to you.

Today I went to the driving range and hit some balls. I said to myself, “Hit the little ball off the big ball” and seeing those two globes helped me to lift the little ball into the air.

Go figure.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Never Up Never In

The phrase “never up never in” arises in golf when the ball is on the green and the golfer does not putt hard enough to get the ball close to the hole. You have to hit the ball with enough weight or oomph to get it close enough to get it in, thus if you are never up, you’ll never be in. You have to be willing to hit hard enough to get the ball to the cup.

If we take this metaphor off the golf course “NUNI” can mean that you have to be willing to fully engage in life, to play full out and to take risks.

So why date again after a divorce? Or risk unrequited love in midlife? Why let your body take the lead and allow your libido to soar? You could overshoot the goal—just as you might in golf—but if you are “never up never in” you’ll also miss the chance to reach your goals in love and in life. If you want to find great love in mid-or -later life then you have to be willing to take a risk; you have to be willing to take your very best shot.

Never up, never in. Golf, life and love. Don’t hold back. Don’t save it for another day. Swing.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Swing Thing at Home

Something I am borrowing from the Boyfriend—who is a very good golfer—He does his phantom swing thing when we are watching TV or making dinner. He picks up the imaginary golf club, positions himself, and take a full swing. His hands are in place on the ghost club, and his body and head respond. He does this once or twice a day. Takes what? Three seconds? What he is doing is reminding his body that it plays golf. In those phantom swings he is gving his hands and arms and abs a physical boost. It's like visualization-Plus.

I’m trying it too. And I’m keeping a 7 iron in the living room so I can feel the club in my hands once a day. I line up the club head on a spot on the oriental carpet and swing—swoosh—along the straight line in the rug’s pattern. It’s my indoor version of the “scrape the stick” exercise that my golf teacher showed me.

Now soon there will be a ball involved in this swing thing. And we’ll see what happens then.