Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Swing Thing at Home

Something I am borrowing from the Boyfriend—who is a very good golfer—He does his phantom swing thing when we are watching TV or making dinner. He picks up the imaginary golf club, positions himself, and take a full swing. His hands are in place on the ghost club, and his body and head respond. He does this once or twice a day. Takes what? Three seconds? What he is doing is reminding his body that it plays golf. In those phantom swings he is gving his hands and arms and abs a physical boost. It's like visualization-Plus.

I’m trying it too. And I’m keeping a 7 iron in the living room so I can feel the club in my hands once a day. I line up the club head on a spot on the oriental carpet and swing—swoosh—along the straight line in the rug’s pattern. It’s my indoor version of the “scrape the stick” exercise that my golf teacher showed me.

Now soon there will be a ball involved in this swing thing. And we’ll see what happens then.

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