Sunday, November 21, 2010

Shoe Shopping in Winter

It’s too chilly to play but never too cold to shop for shoes. Golf shoes. I just bought my first pair. I’ve been wearing sneakers and soft running shoes. Partly because I wanted to be sure I REALLY loved the sport but really more because while I knew I could buy lots of shorts and skorts and many tees and tops I could not buy a lot of golf shoes. So what to buy? Traditional saddles? Wingtips with kiltie flaps? Something more stylin’ with Velcro?

Finally I went back to look at one of the first pair I seriously considered: Foot Joy LoPro in a taupe color. My reasoning: taupe goes with most clothing combos and it’s kind of like wearing a flesh colored pump or heel—you get the illusion of longer legs.

Yes, I know—I’m supposed to care about longer drives not longer legs. But hey, this is me playing golf my way—and dressing my way too.

So yesterday I took the big step to cover my feet. And bonus: they were one sale. I’ll be ready to step out in real golf shoes as soon as the snow is over.

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