Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Learning to Practice Golf

It's obvious after you read it, but not before. If you are learning to play golf you have to learn how to practice. Musicians know this. Dancers too. To learn the art you have to learn how to practice. Take a look at this article by Bill Pennington from The New York Times "On Par" blog where he asks the best golf teachers in the world about how we could all practice better.

I'm thinking that relationships are also an art. They require practice too. Here's a crazy idea--re-read Pennington's article and substitute "relationship" or "marriage" for golf.  It kinda works. Like this:  "Average golfers think the goal is to hit the ball straight--the pros do not". Average marriages think the goal is never to fight, but folks in great marriages fight hard, cleanly and for the relationship. Good marriages are perfect, great marriages are never perfect.

Yeah--that says a lot about my golf too.

But here's the link to Pennington's survey of great golfers and how to practice. Take a look:

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  1. Learning and playing golf is absolutely fun! In fact, this game helped me develop my mental and physical awareness. It honed my accuracy and precision, as well as my flexibility. On top of that, I'll be able to receive the right amount of vitamins from the sun.