Monday, May 28, 2012

A Very Hot Fast Start

We played nine holes today at The Pig Farm in Glenmont, New York. And it was really hot.  I am still red-faced an hour and two lemonades later. But not at all red-faced about my seasonal start. I did very well today (one great pitch right into the cup) and I'm taking this as a good sign that year three will be a charming golf season.

The course isn't actually a pig farm. It's  named Hidden Meadows, but it was a pig farm for many years until the recent, youngest generation of the family decided they liked golf more than pigs and designed 18 interesting, par 3 and 4 holes. But it is hidden. The address is Glenville  (138 Smultz Road--12077) but it's more Albany--along River Road. You can get to it from 32, or come thru Albany an up from the river.

Dave and I played together for this holiday outing. We try to play together once, maybe twice a month in summer, tho both of us are solo players. In fact it was when I met Dave and learned that he played golf alone that I became a devotee. I had always pictured golf as a lazy, chatty, extroverted kind of game--people riding in golf carts, joking and talking and yes, hitting golf balls. I could not  imagine myself spending four  hours that way.

But then I learned about solo golf and fast golf and I knew it was a perfect fit for my sense of athleticism and my preference for quiet. Today we played nine, par three holes in exactly 60 minutes. We cary our bags and walk fast between the holes so its a great companionable workout.  When we play alone we can move even faster--no waiting for the other.

If you are a Capital Region golfer, especially a new golfer, find the Hidden Meadows Course and enjoy the quiet and the chance to play alone and find your own way of play.

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