Sunday, June 24, 2012

An Easy Nine

Today we played at Colonial Acres in Glenmont, New York. A nine-hole, par three, town course that is also, interestingly, an Audubon Nature Sanctuary. I can measure my progress by today’s play. This is my third season, and nine par-three holes feels easy. And it felt wonderful to have an easy day.

There’s a lesson in this: Even though I am working to improve my game and my stamina, it really helped to play nine holes that made me feel like I can play golf, and to find the fun in the game. Often on harder courses—18 “real” holes—I’m stretching and straining—working hard but it’s work not fun.  Today was fun and I was capable enough that I could try new things like shifting my grip just to see the effect and working on my aim. Yeah, a simple thing like aim.

It was also a perfect late Sunday afternoon date with Dave. He’ll play 18 hard tomorrow so it was fun to do 9 easy together today.


  1. So maybe you, me and Molly should play an easy 9 together? Not a date in the romantic sense but golf and fun with friends nonetheless. MM

  2. Oh yes, an easy relaxed date for nine!