Friday, June 15, 2012

Gyro for Good Golf

William James wrote, "We learn to swim in the winter and to skate in the summer." He was writing about our intellectual process and the value of a break concentration when we are  studying a new idea or concept. But turns out he was also absolutely right about how we learn new physical skills as well.

Something happens in the off-season--summer, winter, the downtimes. Our brains and bodies keep working to integrate the new. I learned this year that the process can be facilitated by teaching my body new ways to move. And I saw the pay-off for golf by giving my body some new motions and muscles to explore by doing Pilates and Gyro this past winter.

Here in the Capital Region we have great Pilates and Gyro at the Pilates Principle in Latham. Nuhar Jaleel is a physical therapist and a golfer and extraordinary with the human body. Click the link below to learn more about Gyro and give it a try to expand your body's golf intelligence.

And way beyond your golf game--your shorts and sleeveless tops will be very happy too.


  1. Diane! These words are so kind - thank you for being a client at the studio. We absolutely love your presence, and your smile just lights up the whole place. I'm so happy you liked your Gyrotonic session : )
    Hugs, Nuhar

  2. Nuhar--I played today nd I can see the difference that Pilates is making in my game!