Sunday, June 10, 2012

Myers-Briggs and Learning to Play Golf

I love psychology and self-help and one of the best constructs I know for self-understanding is The Meyers-Briggs Personality Inventory. You’ve probably done this in business or maybe in career counseling or maybe in some faith community group.

There’s a short and a long version of the test and a very reliable quick version in the book called, “Please Understand Me.” The outcome of the test is an overall view of how you operate in the world. You’ve heard these code words: introvert, extravert, intuitive, sensing, judging etc.

I have found the Myers-Briggs brilliantly helpful in romance and relationships. If you know that you are a “P” and the other person is a “J”, you can know that you’ll always have “be on time” issues, or someone—you—will always be a tad messy—according to that partner. Ditto in the Introvert/Extravert scale. Extraverts want to go out on Friday nights, Introverts (me again) want to come home, watch Netflix, retreat. It’s all about energy.

This week it occurred to me that you could choose your best way into golf based on your Myers Briggs type. Extravert?—join a league for sure. Lots of new people, lots to talk about. Introvert? Play with one good friend. Someone easy to be with so silences are OK. Or play alone. I was thrilled to discover that some people play golf alone—I had no idea. I stayed away from the game for years because I thought I’d have to chat with four strangers for four hours and that sounded like the lowest rung of Hell. Then I met my husband who is a solo player and I fell in love—by myself—with the game.

The other dimensions of Myers-Brigs can also apply to your golf game. If you are a “T”—a Thinker—then think yourself silly. Reason it out, study the pros; seek the logic and science and engineering of the game.  But if you are an “F”—a Feeler—again like me --then you’ll have a much better time just feeling your way along. You can watch other people, kind of gently imitating them, get the feeling in your body and relax into the game.

I suspect there’s a whole school of golf waiting to be invented based on Myers-Briggs. You could be first. Get a copy of “Please Understand Me” and check it out.

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