Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Can You Do It Together?

I started playing golf because my love-- and later --husband played golf. But I never intended that we'd play together. In fact it was all that "togetherness" that made golf seem so unappealing for years when I watched as an outsider.

When I met Dave and learned that he played alone I was intrigued. I didn't know that golf could work for introverts so I took a lesson, bought a Sunday bag and took off on my own early in the morning. I loved it. I loved the solitude, I loved a beautiful course in morning. And I loved that I really, really was playing against myself.

Then as I got braver and we got closer we experimented with playing together. That required "House Rules" like 1. Don't Watch Me and 2. No Advice. Wisely Dave knew how to do this and the deal he suggested was: "If you ask me a question I will answer but otherwise I won't comment on your game."

Bravo. It worked. It also worked that I can play alongside him by playing the "Marvin Method" named after my friend Marvin who gave me this advice: "Hit your ball three times and then pick it up and move it to where your partner's ball is."  That way a beginner can play with anyone. Brilliant.

I thought of all this today when I read a helpful article in the Wall Street Journal about how couples can share a hobby and what it takes to make partnered play successful.

Here is the article--link below. Take a look.


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