Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Playing Faster is Easier Than Playing Slower

Well, I learned a lot yesterday playing in the charity tournament with John and our friends. Because of the charity scramble/best ball format--and because there were 160 golfers to play 18 hours --we had to move fast. And speed helped my game!

I discovered that my nerves had to give way to speed. While I began nervous--"Oh God--they are going to see me swing." But I did not want us to be the foursome that kept everyone waiting so I learned to play "ready golf". Get out, set up, swing, take what you get and get going.

And it helped. I kept moving. I watched the better players. Riding in the cart was kinda fun. (I never use a cart on my own--I pretend to be a purist but I really love the fast walking between holes.) But in a cart we got a breeze and that helped too.

And because it was "best ball" I knew I couldn't hurt the team. The others were good golfers--and very gracious gofers--so I paid attention and listened to a few gentle, indirect comments and make a few adjustments as I could. And I laughed a lot.

I think I could do this again.

PS. The black and white plus cream--with silk belt --really worked well. No prizes for ensemble but it didn't hurt my game to know I looked good.

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