Sunday, August 11, 2013

Tournament Ready

Tomorrow John and I are playing together in a charity golf tournament. I'm nervous because we are playing with another couple and they, like John, are very good golfers. They are also our friends so they know the deal--that I talk better than I play. But still...

...and so I am preparing.

Now you might think that preparation would involve practice, but you would be wrong. John has gone to the driving range to warm up and try out his new rescue club but my method of preparation is more about attire. What to wear?

It will be 80 degrees and sunny but a light breeze. Because its a charity scramble we'll be in the course maybe five or six hours. That is a lot of wilt! And then there is the dinner afterward and the social part of the day. So hair is a factor too. Hat hair at dinner? What's a woman (of a certain age) to do?

I'm going with a visor--I have a Pittsburgh Pirates visor from our last visit to my hometown and I'll pair that with black shorts, white shirt, black and gold scarf belt.

I know, I know...I'm not going to win longest drive and I won't add much to our foursome's chances at low net but if there was an acknowledgment for best coordinated outfit? Well, I'd have a chance. And you know what they say--never up, never in--style!

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