Thursday, August 8, 2013

Women of a Certain Age and Clothes

Oh come on! We can't talk about women and golf and not talk about clothes. Not just golf clothes tho that is fun too. a survey:

Skirt? Shorts? Golf dress?
Answer: yes--have you seen golf dresses. They are cute and look comfortable. But I hesitate because as a less experienced golfer I think you need a high skill level to indulge in "special" golf attire. I mean, you don't want someone to think you care more about how you look than how you play. But then, I can do more about how I look than how I play:)

But the bigger clothing conversation is the talking  about clothes while women play golf: new stores, comfortable but chic shoes, big sales, favorite online strategies. (I just learned that Brooks Brothers makes online shopping so easy--and they have Petites.)

Yeah, that's what I talk about --in my head--during golf.

But we decided that this was a blog about golf for women of a "certain age" as the French say. We'll say that is over 45. There are many things to talk about that fall into the category of an over-45 -year old woman's life. One of my very favorite new resources is the blog, "Une Femme Certain Age". The link is below and this is so fun and full  of info and photos, and photos of real women over 50 (and 60) who still care about how they look. Not sure if they play golf but they do score.

Take a look. Here is the link:

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