Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Learning Etiquette and Making New Friends

I’m back! And so happy to be back to writing about golf.

It’s cold and still wintery in upstate New York but tonight—sitting in a stylish cafĂ©/bar (The Confectionary in Troy, New York)-- I felt summer arrive.

This evening I joined a group of women—some are friends and some are friends-of-friends--all who want to play golf but who, for many reasons, were afraid, intimidated, unsure, or nervous about the whole golf undertaking.

And you know, if you play, that some of the “rules” around golf are designed to well, slightly intimidate. And yes, you would think that women who are smart, ambitious, stylish, savvy, poised—which describes the ten women I met tonight—would not hesitate to take on any of that. But still, there is this thing about golf.

So tonight a friend of these fabulous women gave us an intro to the etiquette of golf. There are rules, and those you can find on the USGA website—but it’s the etiquette that carries the cache and the hint of intimidation. So how cool to sit and sip with a seasoned, comfortable, non-intimidating player who walked us through how to dress and plan and arrive and partner and what to expect at fancy courses as well as at local places where the “lounge” is a Coke machine. 

To be comfortable in our social lives we have all depended from time to time on Emily Post, and now we will have that same comfort in our golfing lives. 

So thank you to Matt Clark and Victoria Baecker for creating the women’s golf tutorial.